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Suzhou WSDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Suzhou WSDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.(WSDS) was founded in January 2017, located at No. 3019, Haizang West Road, Luzhi town. The company is committed to the technology research and development of wireless charging industry. The company has established a research, development and production base with an area of 17566 square meters in Luzhi Town, which meets the product research, development and production requirements. There are more than 160 employees, including two with doctor degree and four with master degree. The R & D team consists of 30 people, with the comprehensive ability of both independent R & D on products and technical services. Professor Wu Di was awarded the title of leading talent among science and technology-oriented entrepreneurs in Suzhou in 2017, the title of leading talent among all entrepreneurs of Suzhou in 2018. Professor Zhong Lieping, vice president in technology, was awarded the titles of expert under the Chinese "Thousand Talents Plan" in 2017, the leading talent of science and technology innovation in Suzhou in 2018, and the leading talent of innovation in Suzhou in 2018. The company has been recognized as China’s science and technology-oriented small and medium-sized high-tech company and private science and technology-oriented enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and it has applied for the title-awarding of high-tech enterprise.
In 2019, Suzhou WSDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.established a wholly-owned subsidiary Suzhou Weijie Communication Technology Co., Ltd. The former will take the latter as the platform, integrate the resources of the company and its subsidiaries, research and develop 5G related communication products such as RF devices and 5G antennas, and build a new material comprehensive platform. 

AddressNo.3019 Haizang West Road, Luzhi Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province   Tel0512-88188698   Sales   



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