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Anjie Wireless Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Anjie Wireless Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded on March 26, 2018. The company focuses on providing customers with one-stop solution in terms of wireless power supply. The company sticks to continuous innovation and endeavors to make users access to wireless(limitless) freedom of life. The company has built a China-wide advanced radio energy transmission R & D and manufacturing base in Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Vaction Zone, and has established a customer center where they can experience various applications, aiming to become a benchmarking enterprise in the industry. 
In August 2018, Anjie Wireless Technology signed the agreement with WiTricity company of the United States for authorization of intellectual property rights of wireless charging. The agreement is aimed at the development of 11kW electric vehicle wireless charging system, and as a result, the company has successively launched the A1 and A2 prototype, with their functions undergoing continuous integration and improvement and their performance gradually going stable. At the same time, A2 has been installed on the well-known brand new energy vehicles to realize wireless automatic charging after automatic parking. Based on the company's outstanding R & D performance, in June 2019, Anjie Wireless Technology won the title of "Suzhou’s Leading Company in Innovation and Entrepreneurship".
Looking to the future, Anjie Wireless Technology will focus on the verification of technology reliability and realization of products mass production, including electrical testing, environmental testing, EMC testing, durability testing, etc., to promote the production of automobile standard-compatible components and strive to progress forward. At the same time, the company will increase the resource investment into its own technology, focus on the development of technology that can be compatible with both Chinese and international standards, eliminate the vehicle manufacturers' concerns about incompatibility among different standards across global, and the company actively participate in the staffing of standards and try to work out patents. 
In the current development trends and wave of automobile industry featuring electrification, automation, networking, and shared information, Anjie Wireless Technology will overcome difficulties and forge ahead. 

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