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Huizhou Weibo(Weibrass) Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
In October 2013, the construction of plant was completed and the plant was put into operation, and in 2017, it underwent asset restructuring with Jiangsu Suzhou Anjie Technology Co., Ltd. to be listed on stock exchange indirectly. The company has existing plant area of 41391 square meters, new plant area of 60000 square meters still under construction, totaling 100000 square meters for the total plant area. The plant has 5000 employees. The production line has a complete set of workshop equipment including CNC, sandblasting, grinding, anode, stamping, hot pressing, injection molding, assembly, measurement layout inspection, as well as salt spray testing machine, high and low temperature testing machine and other testing equipment.
On October 10, 2015, the company was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise" by the authority of Jiangsu province, because the company has independent intellectual property rights and a number of patent technologies, besides, the company has R & D team for small parts, R & D team of mobile phone medium frame and computer shell large parts, R & D team for battery cover, R & D team for composite materials, MIM R & D team. At present, the company has got 20 independent intellectual property rights (patents obtained), and is now applying for more than 30 patents. 
In 2019, the new plant area of Huizhou Weibo Precision Technology Co., Ltd. under construction covers an area of about 30000 square meters, and the plant area in use is about 60000 square meters which was fully completed and put into operation in November 2017. In 2018, the company's output value is about one billion yuan, and its tax revenue is 86.3 million yuan. Weibo Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully delisted on March 4, 2019, and is currently in the process of bidding for construction. It is expected to start construction by the end of September.  The company will make full use of the land reserve of 55464 square meters newly approved by the government to further increase capital and production and expand market. On the basis of maintaining the sales volume of “small” hardware parts, the company will further increase the sales volume of “large” hardware parts; on the basis of maintaining Chinese mobile phone sales, further expand the sales volume of international brands of mobile phone. The company gives full play to the advantages of the company as the leading company in China’s mobile phone small metal parts production industry, and further integrate the upstream and downstream of industrial chain while driving the gathering of and rapid development of local precision hardware industry. 

Address:Weibo Technology Square of Boling Industrial Park, Xiaojin Village, Luoyang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City   Tel0752-6566222   Recruitment   


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