Corporate Culture
  • Vision:

    To Become A World-class Enterprise of Great Reputation.

  • Mission:

    Provide Best Solutions for Customers.

  • Mission & Value:

    To innovate, exceed expectations, and pursue the highest of quality.
    To abide the law, conserve energy, while utilizing green production.

  • environmental polic:

    Ensure that all business activities of the company comply with laws, regulations and other requirements;
    In all our production activities, we are committed to energy conservation, solid waste reduction, environmental harming materials control and continuous improvement on pollution.
    We declare we are committed to protecting environment, and make every employee know our policy.

  • Guidelines for Company to take social responsibilities

    Environmental protection and energy conservation, safety-keeping and law-abiding, health and hygiene, continuous improvement, society-benefiting and sustainable operation.
    ⑴、It contains at least:
    ①policy:Prevent and control pollution, keep reducing waste, provide environmentally friendly products, save energy, protect the earth, and strenuously operate green enterprises;
    ②safety policy:Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive control;
    ③health policy:putting prevention first while combining prevention and control;
    ④labor relation policy:abide by law and care for employees;
    ⑤Ethics Polic:Fair and just, honest and upright;
    ⑥Meet customer needs;
    ⑦Make our policies clear to the public
    ⑵、general principle
    Everyone participation, responsibilities-bonded, creating a better production and living environment, safe production, health and hygiene, law-abiding operation and continuous progress

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